Live Electro


Fabrizio Rat est un musicien qui a les idées claires. « Mon projet est simple » dit-il avec assurance. « Il s’agit de projeter le piano, cet instrument classique et romantique par excellence, dans l’univers hypnotique et puissant de la techno ».
Le trentenaire italien est en effet l’héritier d’une double culture. Pianiste de formation, élevé dès son plus jeune âge dans le giron de la musique classique, passé par l’improvisation et la musique contemporaine, il s’est parallèlement plongé depuis l’adolescence dans la production électronique, le travail sur ordinateur, synthétiseur et boîtes à rythme.

« Take a piano, the classic and romantic instrument par excellence, and project it into the hypnotic and powerful soundscape of techno music ».

Following two Eps, ‘’La Machina’’ (Optimo Trax) and ‘’Technopiano’’ (Involve), Fabrizio released his first album of hybrid techno, with an innovative sound palette. The Pianist combines the acoustic sounds and weird harmonics of his prepared piano with the acid loops of the TB-303 and the beats of the TR-909.
« I want to play like these machines that I love, to translate their exactitude and imperfection with my human nature, to open up new paths, and play with our errors. The repetition process let me enter another dimension, a state of trance where the physical effort disappear, and control is not necessary any more, I just need to be carried away by sound, with a bit of luck. »

Unsurprisingly, it’s in front of the dancefloor, in clubs or festivals, that Fabrizio plays his live sets. With the right hand he plays repetitive rhythmical patterns while the left one handles the machines and manipulates the piano strings.
His goal is to reach « the trance, to project on the dancers the hypnotic state of my right hand moving on the piano ».
His live set tours intensively in clubs and festivals throughout Europe, North Africa, Middle East, South America. He has played last summer at the Exit Festival Dance Arena.

He has just released a new Ep on ODD/EVEN and his new album ‘Unconscious Mind’ is upcoming in late 2018.