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Head honcho at one of the biggest underground Tekno label’s in the UK and regular venue filler at many clubs and festivals such as, Boomtown, Glastonbury, Fusion, Nass, Balter festival and many more.
Mandi has pioneered some ground breaking genres over the last decade focusing her productions on fun energetic dance floor music in her own truly unique way.
Infusing Drum & Bass, Bass House with 4x4 kick drums at D&B speeds encapsulating any dancefloor into a wild frenzy of limitless energy and unity with her original tracks and reputable remixes.
Mandi has coined two main genres in our underground dance music scene such as Jungletek and more recently her new Speedbass project which has really blown up 2019 to present.
If you mention either of these names to any regular party goer, it would always inevitably lead back to Mandi and Amen4Tekno Records Mandi’s well-established label putting out countless digital and physical releases and merchandise for over a decade.
An unbelievably busy artist backed by many industry giants all over the globe